How to Convert PDF to Text

If you are stuck with a pdf document and want it to be a text file, then there is no need to buy an expensive pdf to text converter. Cocodoc provides free pdf to txt conversion to users across the world.

There is no need to sign up or purchase anything. One can easily convert pdf to txt absolutely for free for a lifetime!

What's the Difference Between PDF and Text?

The following will help you to know the difference between PDF and Text.

Text Documents

These are the most simple documents that you will find. They consist of plain texts that include letters, numbers, symbols and more. Besides that, texts are easy to operate as they can be easily opened, saved and stored.

Texts can be opened and used on any text editing software. They do not need any special software to edit or view. These files are free to use and easy to manage.

PDF Documents

The full form of PDF is Portable Digital Format and is mainly used to share files. These were developed by Adobe which is a software giant.

People tend to use PDF when sharing documents because their format and layouts do not change no matter on which software they have opened.

They do not take up much space in the device and are easy to open and share. Besides that, these are hard to edit unless given permissions to do so.

How to Change PDF to Text?

Do you ever wonder how you can convert a pdf to a text document? You do not have to waste your time anymore writing it manually or spend money by purchasing software to convert pdf to text. There is no need to browse through the internet to convert pdf to plain text and not finding the way out.

CocoDoc can help you to convert pdf to text online in no time along with making several changes if you wish to. If you are looking to know how to convert PDF to Txt, then read further to know the step by step guidelines.

PDF to Text Converter step-by-step Guidelines

Simply choose Cocodoc to convert pdf to editable text in no time. With the help of this powerful online converter extract text from pdf and convert pdf to a text file in a few finger taps. All you need to do is to upload the PDF and let the CocoDoc tool turn the pdf into text.

Step-wise Process to Convert PDF to Text

With CocoDoc, converting pdf to text is achieved smoothly in just seconds. There is no complexity in doing the pdf to text free conversion, but follow the step by step process explained below.

The following steps will help you to convert pdf to txt files with the use of CocoDoc online free pdf to text converter. Follow the steps closely to convert pdf to plain text in a simple way.

  • Step 1: Select Cocodoc

  • In the first step, you need to open CocoDoc online pdf to text converter by simply going to the official website of CocoDoc to convert pdf to text.

  • Step 2: Sign up

  • On opening the tool, the next option is where you will be asked to sign up with your Google Account or any other email id.

    Just enter your email id followed by the other credentials or Signup with a Google account; you are ready to go!

    ( If you have already signed up, then log in to turn the pdf into text in a simple easy way.)

  • Step 3: Select the PDF

  • An option will come on the screen of your device where you will be asked to choose the pdf file which you want to convert to text.

    This pdf to text converter gives you four options to choose the pdf file from such as Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive and URL. You need to go to the documents section of your device and select the pdf file that needs conversion if the file exists on your device. Or else, select from the other options on the list.

  • Step 4: Select the Format

  • Now it is time to select the format in which you want to turn the pdf file into. Here you need to select the Text button so that you can turn pdf into text.

    The process will help you to convert pdf to plain text as you click on the Export button to let the file conversion take place.

  • Step 5: Extract Texts from PDF

  • You just have to sit back and wait for a second or two. CocoDoc will extract the texts for you as shown in the image below.

  • Step 6: Download and Save

  • When you successfully convert a pdf file to a text file, then simply download and save the file in the desired location (directory) of your device.

    You can then easily open it with your Notepad or any other software for viewing/ editing text documents.

Why Convert PDF to Text?

PDF is used more these days because the documents remain the same and do not change at all even after sharing.

But what if some corrections are needed or changes should be made with the document? Then, of course, you'll need to convert pdf to plain text.

Moreover, working with a PDF document could be the best choice for some, but not all the time or for everyone. Converting pdf to text is quite easier than you think when you have software like CocoDoc.

While working professionally one might come up with instances, where there is a need for a text document. Imagine, you are in a situation where you have a pdf file while the required file format is txt. So, you'll be left out with no other choice than to convert pdf to text.

CocoDoc- More than a Just a PDF to Text Converter

CocoDoc is one of the most preferred tools that is used to convert pdf to txt files online for free. The tool is simple to use and manage but has got powerful file conversion features.

But wait! Is it only used for pdf to text conversions?

Of course not! This powerful online tool has got exceptional features other than just converting pdf to text for free.

Following are the areas where CocoDoc is used extensively.

  • For e-signing (digital signature) any official documents.
  • Converting jpg, PPT, word files to pdf and vice versa.
  • Merging multiple pdf files together or splitting them from one to multiple.
  • Extract data from pdf and import it to Excel, and vice versa.
  • Add watermark and page numbers to any documents.
  • Compress, lock/unlock pdf files offering data security.


It can easily extract texts within seconds and convert pdf to text immediately. Thus making Cocodoc trusted and safe for the users.

One does not need to worry about their privacy as no files and user details are saved on the CocoDoc server. It's a 100% safe and secure and free online tool made for global users to make things easier for them.